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7 Facebook remarketing tricks for B2B marketers
26 February 2020

7 Facebook remarketing tricks for B2B marketers

“The global cart abandonment rate for Q3 2017 is 78.4%, which is up 1.5% on the previous quarter.”

Are you also one of them struggling to get a higher conversion rate and lower abandonment rate???

Then you are not alone. The attention span of the average visitor on sites is shrinking adversely and this is where the concept of remarketing helps you reap benefits and convert your prospects into buyers.

Refreshing a lead’s memory about your brand is a powerful strategy. By reaching out to an audience that already has some familiarity with what you do, you reach out to an audience of warm leads, more likely to respond to your marketing efforts.

Here are some tricks for getting maximum results from Facebook remarketing for B2B marketers:

  1. Test, Retest, and Test Again:

According to recent studies,

“Retargeted visitors are 3 times more likely to click on an ad than people who have never interacted before”

Remarketing is good but testing your ads makes it deliver the best. Set up clear metrics to measure results of every single campaign started. Specific goals aligned with accurate metrics is the cherry on the cake. Test your campaigns to see which brings in the desired results and follow the same.

  1. Remarket to Recent Leads:

People forget about brands as time passes that’s why you need to remarket quickly. Focus on recent leads which have visited your site within the last month.

Including prospects from past months or years is not going to help you out. Keep a short window between a visitor’s interest and your attempt to remarket to him or her. This yields the best results.

  1. But Don’t Remarket Immediately to Recent Leads:

There’s no faster way to turn off your prospects than by seeming desperate. If you target customers immediately after they visit your site, then, you leave no time for slower decision makers to consider their purchases or do a little research. Hence, ending up with a lost lead.

  1. Don’t Remarket to Everyone:

Segmenting your website audience based on their actions taken on your website will help you adapt your remarketing ad or landing page accordingly.

Make sure that you exclude people who have actually made a purchase. Otherwise you will end up inviting the person back to buy the product that they have already purchased.

  1. Diversify Your Strategy:

Many marketers limit themselves to the tools provided by Facebook, and while it is true that the platform is one of the very best for advertising, it is worth noting that there are many tools out there that can give you an additional edge.

Tools and services for retargeting such as perfect audience, for tracking and analytics like “Google analytics”, and services for measuring the success of your competition like social bakers are available.

  1. Craft Custom Messages:

It is a bad idea in general to use the same ad copy over and over and not change it with time, let alone serve the same ad copy to everybody. This will simply not work because people respond to ads depending on factors such as demographics and the type of content that they consume online. So do yourself a favor and create different ad copies for different types of people.

  1. Be Consistent:

While custom messages are more powerful than generic ones, that doesn’t mean your messages shouldn’t be consistent. Your message reflects you and who you are, so use it to reinforce your brand. Whatever you’re advertising, make sure the way you talk about it is consistent with your brand.

Facebook remarketing is one powerful tool to retarget your prospects by putting your ads in front of them when they scroll their social feeds. It is an effective way to generate higher CTRs and conversion rates among campaigns.


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