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5 Facebook remarketing rules to make you a winner
26 February 2020

5 Facebook remarketing rules to make you a winner

Most businesses spend huge money, to build their brand credibility and brand recognition for the people who don’t know them. The problem is that they’re only seeing half of the picture. Allocating a sizeable portion of that budget to Facebook remarketing would likely drive conversions, sales, and ROI through the roof.

You just have to know the reasons why it works and how you can become a pro at it.

Reasons why you must go for Facebook Remarketing:

  • People are already familiar with your brand and product
  • Remarketing campaigns allow you to segment your audience based on their behaviors
  • Smaller audiences, and every member of those audiences is a potential customer

Facebook remarketing campaigns tend to have a lower cost-per-acquisition than regular campaigns targeted to cold Facebook audiences. Let’s go through the 5 rules of successful remarketing with Facebook ads.

Rule #1: Set up an efficient tracking system

Remarketing is incomplete without a remarketing audience which can be created by Facebook Custom Audiences of people who engaged with your website or content. All you need to do is set up a tracking system.

There are 2 ways for doing it:

  1. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website
  2. Use the Pixel Caffeine WordPress plugin

Once you’ve set up the tracking system, it’s time for creating new audiences and crafting the remarketing messages that speak to these new audiences.

Rule #2: Segment your Facebook remarketing audiences

Segmenting your website audience based on their actions taken on your website will help you adapt your remarketing ad or landing page accordingly.

Make sure that you exclude people who have actually made a purchase. Otherwise you will end up inviting people back to buy the product that they have already purchased.

Rule #3: Create a remarketing funnel

Successful remarketing campaigns take place in stages. A traditional remarketing funnel is the one which helps to deliver the right offer to the right people at the right time. The traditional conversion funnel has five stages:

  1. Awareness – people know your product exists
  2. Interest – people get curious about your product
  3. Desire – people start to want what you’re offering
  4. Conversion – people buy your product
  5. Re-engage – people buy additional products

Every conversion stage demands a different set of ads and offers. Once a prospect gets converted you can exclude them from the other stages of the remarketing funnel.

Rule #4: Match your offers with your audience

Showing people the same ad all the time will just result in people ignoring your ad. This is known as ‘banner blindness’ and is a common phenomenon.

With remarketing, you aim to reactivate your past visitors, so crafting fresh and updated ads is the best option. Be sure to test how often you need to be changing the ad images and craft different offers for that match with your audience preferences.

Rule #5: A/B test different Facebook ad elements

Facebook ad A/B testing is a constant process that you can apply to every single Facebook advertising campaign. This also includes all your remarketing campaigns.

Create different variations of ad images, types, CTA’s and discount offers to see what makes people return to your website and get converted.

Follow the above mentioned Facebook Remarketing rules to earn maximum benefits for your remarketing campaigns. 



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