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4 Ways Facebook Remarketing Will Boost Your ROI
26 February 2020

4 Ways Facebook Remarketing Will Boost Your ROI

Having an internet presence is not enough for brands to grab higher conversion rates or ROI. Retargeting your prospects is an important aspect and is a big trend these days.

Facebook remarketing ads get 3X higher response rates than regular Facebook ads.

Why to do Facebook Remarketing????

  • Reach people who are genuinely interested in your brand through targeted Facebook Remarketing Ads
  • Bring people back to your website to complete an action
  • Find new people who have similar characteristics to your website

 Ways to Boost ROI through Facebook Remarketing:

Here are the top 4 ways to generate higher ROI through Facebook Remarketing campaigns:

  1. Lower Cost per Click:

Remarketing on Facebook usually has a lower cost per click when compared to remarketing on search engines. The reason for the lower cost is that Facebook traffic is supposed to be less targeted than search engine traffic.

On social media, you are exposing users to an ad while they are doing something else, and therefore they might not be as likely to convert.

A hyper-targeted audience guarantees cheaper traffic from the audience you’re after—in this case, users who have visited your website, but have not converted yet.

The way to convert the audience you’re remarketing to is to have consistent, quality marketing. Customize your message in a way that includes relevant and additional information to what customers already know about your product from visiting your site.

  1. Higher Conversion rate:

Converting first-time visitors into buyers takes time. If your industry is competitive, people are more likely to browse multiple sites before completing a purchase.

Remarketing to your website visitors who didn’t convert works to remedy those situations. When those visitors see your ad on a Facebook feed, you become more recognizable and that boosts your chances of completing the purchase cycle.

You can exclude users who have completed a sale by simply creating a custom remarketing segment for people who have visited your thank-you page, and then preventing them from seeing your campaign.

  1. Capitalize on Social Proof:

Social proof plays a very important role in the digital market today. People like to interact only with businesses who have had a track record of happy customers. As a matter of fact, most online buyers choose to do 61% of their research on a business – including the ratings and reviews it has received, before engaging with it.

The higher the engagement you receive from existing customers, the higher is the conversion rate of potential ones from your audience.

  1. Expand Market Reach:

Retargeting campaigns cannot just be used to reach out to existing and potential customers, it can be used to reach out to an audience that has similar demographics and online behavior as them. This helps you tap into Facebook’s vast audience, find your target market easily and expand your reach.

This can be done using the ‘custom audience’ option on Facebook. You can upload the data you have of those people who have visited your website to create a ‘lookalike audience’.

Leveraging the Facebook data and tools available, you can easily remarket precisely to the audience you need to reach—potential customers, existing customers and even people who have never heard of you. And since there is no minimum investment, it fits easily within all budgets. 


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